WELCOME to the official website for Greg Vadimsky's numerous creative endeavors. 

GREG is promoting his latest album, SUMMER OF STORMS, to the world and regions beyond. Lead tracks from the album include SHADY LANE, IT KILLS THE PAIN, THE NIGHT HAS COME, and ELECTRIC FRIEND.


GREG also performs as part of GREG & BRIAN, an act he has had since 1996.  http://www.sonicbids.com/GregBrian .


Greg's other solo albums include THE KING OF WEATHER HILL, AS DEEP AS DESIRE, and COLOURS OF MIND.  His movie soundtrack albums include HOLIDAY SEASON and AMERICAN SOUTH.  His albums with other bands include THIS IS SPECTRE and TANGO PALACE - THE COMPLETE REMASTERS.  All of these are available on CDBaby.com 

Greg Vadimsky Updates

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