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After SPECTRE disbanded in 1984, Greg pursued his solo career, but also worked with many other different bands in various capacities. From the many demos recorded between 1986 and 2006, this album was pieced together to give an overview of his varied styles of writing and performance. The first track on the album, EDIT HERE, is actually the newest recording (2006), and was completed at home in Orlando. I REMEMBER ENGLAND, THROUGH THE RAIN, and ONCE UPON A TIME IN DECEMBER were from a series of recording session at Hummingbird Recordings, Melbourne, Florida in 1986. KANGAROO is an instrumental done at Hummingbird also, but in 1987. THE OTHER SIDE OF NOWHERE is a home demo from 1991 (this time the home was in Palm Bay, Florida). GIRL ON A TRAIN was recorded at the later incarnation of Hummingbird went it moved to Palm Bay, and is the only track to feature other musicians (Greg played and sang everything on all of the other 9 songs). The musicians were: Kyle Tague (drums), Tom Willett (bass), and Flip Dahlenburg (guitar). DRINKING IN THE MADNESS, COLD PEOPLE, and PARALLEL LINES were all from more of the 1991 Palm Bay home sessions.

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