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Greg's first band, SPECTRE, formed in 1979 and three years later was signed to ISC Records, which had separate international distributors. In August and September of 1982, "THIS IS SPECTRE" was recorded in Orlando, with later remixes in Nashville and London. The final mix of the album was released early in 1983 with an updated cover featuring the band against a galaxy background, while the original cover used the same band shot with a simple blue background. The album was produced by Englishman JOHN ETCHELLS and engineered by DANA CORNOCK at Bee Jay Recording Studios, Orlando, Florida. The final mix was done at J.A.M. Recorders Ltd. in London. SPECTRE's lineup was three Vadimsky brothers (Greg, Glen, and Gary) plus two of Greg's high school friends, Ken Booher and Rick Gangraw. All of the band used stage names at the time (Greg Roberts, Glen Elliott, Garrett Louis, Kenneth Lee, and Rick Collins). Greg played keyboards, Glen drums, Gary lead guitar, Ken rhythm guitar, and Rick bass guitar, though there was some trading off of instrumentation on various songs. All of the band sang as well, though lead vocals on the album were shared by Greg and Ken. Also, Greg and Ken were the only songwriters on this specific release.  TRACKS:  1. Turn Out The Lights  2. Won't You Be Mine Tonight?  3. Crystal Eyes  4. Let's Go  5. Nothin's On The Radio  6. Don't Stop Reachin' (For All Those Shining Stars)  7. Captain Mac  8. Here Comes The Rock  9. I Believe In Us  10. It's Gonna Be Alright.

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