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Tempest Entertainment is the independent film company that Greg has been producing feature films for. So far they have finished five horror films: PHANTOMS, NIGHTFALL, AMERICAN SOUTH, NIGHT PEOPLE, and BLOOD MOON. Greg's music is also heard in most of these features. The first film to be released is planned to be NIGHTFALL, for which the preview trailer is posted on YouTube. Please go to: In this preview trailer, you can hear a portion of STEPS TO NOWHERE, written by Greg with Brian Arnold, and performed by Tango Palace.
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Hey gang! Eight videos are up on YouTube featuring Greg's band TANGO PALACE, which included Brian Arnold, Gary Vadimsky, and in different videos, Brian "Low-B" Mackie and Robert Farrell. Go to: This is the TANGO PALACE page on YouTube and once you're there, you can see all of our posted videos.
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Greg's original band, SPECTRE, is featured on YouTube at the following locations: "TURN OUT THE LIGHTS" Live in 1983: Featuring Greg Vadimsky (aka Greg Roberts) on lead vocal. "HERE COMES THE ROCK" Live in 1983: Featuring Ken Booher (aka Kenneth Lee) on lead vocal. You can also access these videos by going to and searching for: SPECTRE Turn Out The Lights 1983 and SPECTRE Here Comes The Rock 1983 SPECTRE featured Greg on keyboards/vocals, Ken on guitars/vocals, Greg's brothers Glen (aka Glen Elliott) on drums/vocals and Gary (aka Garrett Louis) on guitars/vocals, plus Rick Gangraw (aka Rick Collins) on bass/vocals.

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