Summer of Storms

by Greg Vadimsky

Released 2017
Grv Entertainment
Released 2017
Grv Entertainment
A life that began with a backwards birth is chronicled in a haunting and honest collection of songs combined with nature's soundscapes.
  • 04:18 Lyrics
    A Matter of Time


    (c)1994, 2017 Greg Vadimsky


    Drums, Synthesizers, Pianos, Nylon-Stringed Bass, 12-String Acoustic Guitar, Marching Toms, KoffieKan Drum, Vocals, Electric Guitar, GuitarVoiceSynth, Thunder, Heartbeat, Breathing, Whispers, SelfsMeer Drums, Benny Scratching


    It's all in the plan of attack, not giving one moment of slack

    Your smile and the sound of your voice helped me make the choice

    The General, he straightened his tie

    His business was not wondering why he fits in the Scheme Of All Things;

    And then he'd grown his wings


    Doesn't matter what crime: borrow, beg, steal, or rhyme

    Blind trust is declined, fine justice at nine

    No more will you lie awake in the night

    Re-living the day – re-fighting the fight

    Your matter is mine, it's a matter of time


    Found you when you were a child

    Spent years changing sorrows to smiles

    And just as you trusted them so, the winds began to blow

    And now as you stare at this front, aware of the battle, the hunt

    If all of your love was in vain, then pain's about to rain


    (don't you know it's the only way)

  • 03:41 Lyrics
    A Day Without Rain


    (c)2004, 2017 Greg Vadimsky


    Drums, Synthesizers, Pianos, Synth Bass, 6- and 12-String Acoustic Guitars, Electric Piano, Cellos, Orchestral Strings, Timpani, Reversed Cymbals, Congas, Nightmare Screams, Vocals, Radio Vocal



    See your shadow on my wall growing longer, standing tall

    Hear me now in what I say

    Tonight is drawing near, patience running thin and cold, in fear

    There has got to be a way


    It's a day without rain

    Just one day without rain


    Life is playing many games, every move spent changing lanes

    teaches you and I the way

    So keep your clouds from here, they will ruin you and run with tears

    We need it clear to steer today


    We could be so good together if it weren't for stormy weather

    Can't we have just one bright sunny day?

  • 04:56 Lyrics
    Shady Lane


    (c)2013, 2017 Greg Vadimsky


    Drums, Piano, Accordion, Strings, Fretless Bass, 12-String Acoustic Guitar, Ghost Voices, Birds Through The Window, Summer Breeze, Lead Vocal


    I believe in the trees outside my window

    Here on Shady Lane they're all my friends

    Said goodbye to someone very special

    She was one of a kind I'll never find again

    Don't need much in this life to make me happy

    But finding those few rare things is hard

    Each and every day I'm always searching

    Aware of steps that I make, in or out the yard


    Finding some safe place where we can hide

    preferably together from the cold outside

    Be it sand or be it rain, whatever makes us feel the same

    Forgetting everything we've lost or we've tried


    Swaying Spanish moss above the river

    Old houses, characters, who have seen some things

    Said their own good shares of goodbyes, like me

    They must be kept alive for what they bring

    Spirits savoring all our conversations

    Sometimes they're hiding inside the fireplace

    Like learned elders at my graduation,

    knew that boy would soon take up the chase


    Darkness falls, but it's just a friendly blanket,

    helps me rest my eyes and slowly heal

    Shady Lane says one more sweet goodnight

    She makes me sad, but she always keep me real

  • 02:42 Lyrics
    Lady of Grey


    (c)1992, 2017 Greg Vadimsky


    Drums, Harpsichord, Synthesizer, Bouzouki, French Horns, Electric Rhythm and Lead Guitars, Feedback, Bass Guitar, Execution, Lead and Backing Vocals, KoffieKan Drum


    Lady of Grey, are you lost, are you lonely, Lady of Grey?

    Remember the day that they broke in upon you, led you away...

    for the love of an heir to the Throne, when the trouble became

    just the pen for your history's page, Lady of Grey


    Lady of Grey knew an innocent love that fell in the way

    of a lusting, corrupting insanity, planning, fanning the flames

    It was here she awaited the dawn of that terrible day

    For the winds brought a violent change, Dear Lady Jane


    Dreams and schemes, oh what will Paradise hold for us?

    Will we be remembered in the final chorus?


    Time stands still, with pockets full of silver change

    And on the hill, tradition's severance pay exchange




    Lady of Grey, are you lost are you lonely, Lady of Grey?

    Losing your love for the last time, forever

    Easier this way

    Lady of Grey, Lady of Grey, Lady of Grey

  • 03:13 Lyrics


    (c)1991, 2017 Greg Vadimsky


    Beach waves and seagulls, 12-String Acoustic Guitar, Nylon-Stringed Acoustic Guitar, Steel-Stringed Acoustic Guitar, Bass Guitar, Litiere Drums, Vocals


    I feel it calling me, the gull with no place to land

    The soul of a mariner thrown one too many times on the sand


    The future's clear to me as I'm acting out this scene

    Opening doorways and entering the dream


    A thousand times before I'd unlocked the door but didn't try to force it in

    If you're true to yourself the rest will follow”;

    Till then, you are what might have been


    Flying over what used to be me; may have watched the sunrise

    May have thought it dimming in my eyes


    So, passing time, like sand, spills over this wanderer's cup

    Watch the river teach the rain the real game:

    Never giving up


    The future's clear to me as I'm acting out this scene

    Opening doorways and entering the dream

    The future's clear to me as I'm closer to the edge

    Opening doorways and standing on the ledge

  • 05:53 Lyrics
    Summer of Storms


    (c)2014, 2017 Greg Vadimsky


    Drums, Piano, Synthesizers, Fretless Bass, Strings, Walking Through A Swamp During A Rainstorm Hunted By Owl and Crow, Electric Guitars, Feedback, Triangle, Extra Drums, Whispers, Vocals


    This year, this life, running on, they seem to be the same

    So many tears for those I've loved

    The work is harder in the pouring rain,

    and hurt is hiding in the clouds above


    There's no one better than the smile I remember

    But now that look has changed its shape

    I can't allow myself to spend too much time here

    The honesty too much to take


    Drops of repetition never cease to fall

    They say in water we're reborn

    Until we find this season drowning out us all.......

    The Summer of storms, the Summer of storms


    New horizon had a rainbow growing near

    A long-lost love long-last returned

    This phenomenon resides on fallen tears

    Hydration that cannot erase the burns


    I know, “Move on from your early days,

    things get brighter every dawn”

    It sounds so easy till you can't escape the maze

    Wraps you tighter, till you're gone

  • 04:19 Lyrics
    The Night Has Come


    (c)2000, 2017 Greg Vadimsky


    Drums, Pianos, Acoustic Bass, Timpani, Congas, Windchimes, Acoustic/Electric Guitar, Vocals, Synthesizers, Vocoder, Thunder


    The night has come, I'm all alone, so here I go again

    No holding on to something gone, no waiting on a friend


    Maybe I've been blind to what was good, suddenly I'm in your neighborhood

    Acting in our passion play, stayed in bed on Saturday

    Thought I saw the things in you I'd need

    Loved you just as much as I could bleed

    Blinded by your smile then; walk a lonely mile again


    The night has come, our time is done, you're on the run again

    The chill is gone, and summer's on; I'm not a pawn for then


    Maybe it's the next time I get home, feathering the nest to where I've flown

    You never knew the man I am, wounded in your battle plan

    Watched you breathing softly in your sleep,

    Wondered how much longer we would keep

    Now I know I had been right; dream of someone new tonight


    The night has come, I'm not alone, so skip your stone again

    No hanging on to someone wrong, no more what-could-have-been

    No waiting on a friend

    and here I go again...

  • 03:35 Lyrics
    Electric Friend


    (c)2001, 2017 Greg Vadimsky


    Drums, Organ, Bass Guitar, Pianos, Electric Piano, Synth Drums, Congas, Guiro, Whistle, Static, Breathing, Trombones, Acoustic Guitar, Vocal


    She looks so eagerly to nights like this,

    A little one-on-one of perfect bliss

    Nobody needs to know the time she spends

    at home enjoying her electric friend


    She draws the curtains, and the lights go so low, for in the dark he'll glow

    She kills the phone, pours a glass of cold Merlot, lets the good times flow

    She'll switch the dial and assume the position, feels her tension go

    Takes a trip on her own secret mission

    When she needs him near, now, he won't say no


    Doesn't know the way, the day they made him – it's not like it's a sin

    He doesn't fight, or ever need to win, and he won't wear thin

    Never needs a break, just keeps on giving, brings the passion in

    Almost seems like he's practically living

    They get reconnected, like a missing limb


    Sometimes he really gets her up and screaming

    She visits places that she'll never see

    You know her secret now? Not what it's seeming.

    She really loves it with her warm TV, her warm TV,

    Her large TV, her wide TV

  • 03:14 Lyrics
    When I Was Small


    (c)1995, 2017 Greg Vadimsky


    Clock, Electric Piano, Bell Organ, Chimes, Fretless Bass, Windstorm, Synthesizer, Vocal


    Daydream, running from the soul's scream

    When you were a girl you spent summers just hiding yourself

    in your forest, a princess in a blue dress

    believing that the day would be soon when your knight would come,

    saving it all


    When I was small, I knew I could be him

    Each kingdom I conquered would blossom and grow,

    watered from within

    For all my wild imagining, there was no tale too tall
    If only you'd answered my call when I was small

    Beauty, sleeping somehow near me, wrapped in the purest

    of white, and mystery, that you're giving to me

    The sweetest of sugarplum kisses

    So long they were missing...


    Beauty, sleeping somehow near me

  • 02:56 Lyrics
    Let It Go


    (c)1996, 2017 Greg Vadimsky


    Drums, Electric Guitar, Piano, Synthesizers, Bass Guitar, Theremin, Plasma Ball, Robotic Voice, Vocals, Whispers


    I didn't mean it, it seemed a fatal error

    But every day it, it gets a little rarer

    Wish there were peaceful even waters to come

    You better stick to it, better do it now, Son”

    Let it go, let it flow, let The Real You often show

    Let it be, set it free, let the dreaming turn the key
    Where is the love you had?


    The lightning striking, burned down the winter palace

    A hurricane, come to hunt you down with malice

    The season darkened, a lonely noir thriller

    And eyes, you loved them; became a true soul killer


    Let it go, let it flow, let The Real You often show

    Let it be, set it free, let the The Dreaming turn the key

    Where is the love we had?

  • 05:08 Lyrics
    It Kills the Pain


    (c)2006, 2017 Greg Vadimsky


    Drums, Pianos, Acoustic Guitar, Organ, Bass Guitar, Audience Sounds, Tambourine, Electric Guitar, Vocals


    Like every good beginning, there's a promise from afar

    and I face a famous portrait as she hangs above the bar

    Though it's early in the evening, soon the waitress is a star,

    floating like a dancer as she serves us...potions from the jars


    The body of this story wasn't built of finer things,

    but promises not kept, and empty wishes without wings

    Oh, the darkness that surrounds us might just brighten as it brings

    something greater, wiser, truer, beautiful.. music.. how she sings!


    Now I've brought myself the blame

    Lived this life alone so long, and still survived the rain

    When they bring me to the stage then, and I'm lit and in the frame

    Oh, oh, it kills the pain


    When you're getting near the ending and you feel about to cave

    Looking at the others as they drink their Liquid Brave

    Now you understand their story, from the cradle to the grave

    and the one thing that's remained that never fails you,

    Ooh, how it's saved


    I meant this song to find the right lifeline

    and reach out to the misfits, all you misfits so divine

    We can bury so much, bury so much in our separate times

    But when life hands you cherries, then make sweet wine

  • 03:42 Lyrics
    Dear John


    (c)1995, 2017 Greg Vadimsky


    Drums, Piano, Strings, Bass Guitar, Fireplace, Wind, Acoustic Guitar, Tympani, Birds, Garden gate, Windchimes, Walking, Audience Sounds, Ghost Vocals, Synthesizer, Vocals


    The evil postman and his grin are coming up the garden path again

    My head is swimming in the painful implications there have been


    Dear John, I loved our time together but I cannot see a way to carry on.”

    It's gone – another empty daydream

    and a summertime that lasted far too long


    To tell the whole truth – nothing but – I felt it coming for a while

    For once the knife went in she'd twist it, never losing that sweet smile


    My evening shattered, I retire with the spirits once again
    I hold the grapes in great esteem

    Each one's a dangerous old friend


    Dear John”

    Dear John”

    Dear John”

It's all in the plan of attack, not giving one moment of slack. See your shadow on my wall, growing longer, standing tall. I believe in the trees outside my window, here on Shady Lane they're all my friends. Lady of Grey, are you lost, are you lonely? I feel it calling me, the gull with no place to land, the soul of a mariner thrown one too many times on the sand. This year, …
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Electric Friend

by Greg Vadimsky

Released 2017
Grv Entertainment
Released 2017
Grv Entertainment
She comes home. Alone again. She knows her true lover is waiting for her, always ready to give. In the dark, he'll glow!!!
The second single from the album "SUMMER OF STORMS". Greg moves into a ska-based arrangement to tell the tale of a lonely, hard-working woman who knows the meaning of a good "relax". She looks so eagerly to nights like this. The infectious groove of ELECTRIC FRIEND features drums, percussion, piano, organ, bass, guitar, trombone, electric piano, and vocals all performed by our eclectic fiend and author of all of these wonderful worlds of wacky....G.…
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The Night Has Come

by Greg Vadimsky

Released 2017
Released 2017
THE NIGHT HAS COME sees Greg moving into a new explorative surround style of recording, and immerses the listener into the mix of instruments, vocals, and special effects. It is the first single to be released from the album "Summer Of Storms".
THE NIGHT HAS COME features Greg playing every instrument and performing every vocal. This very personal song deals with love and loss, understanding of one's own behavior in relationships, and reminiscence. A wistful look at times more innocent. The haunting vocals that interweave with the verse and chorus sound like a female spirit filtered through the gauze of time. What is she saying???..........THE NIGHT HAS COME (c)2000, 2017 Greg Vadimsky
The night has come, I'm …
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Tango Palace: The Complete Remasters

by Tango Palace

Released 2015
Tempest Entertainment
Released 2015
Tempest Entertainment
The romantic fun of a TANGO meets the dark confines of a PALACE in this Jekyll and Hyde debut album.
The core members of Melbourne, Florida's TANGO PALACE were GREG VADIMSKY on keyboards/vocals, BRIAN ARNOLD on drums/vocals, and GARRETT VADIMSKY on guitars/vocals. For their debut, self-titled 10-song album, they were joined by ROBERT FARRELL on bass, and their later years and follow-up 4-song EP featured BRIAN "LOW-B" MACKIE on bass/vocals. This remastered collection is organized to feature the newer 4 songs first, followed by the original 10 songs. The first four tracks were …
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Colours of Mind

by Greg Vadimsky

Released 2015
Tempest Entertainment
Released 2015
Tempest Entertainment
Greg's second collection of demo recordings, ranging from Bo Diddley rhythms to progressive rock to music hall.
This album was mostly recorded at Greg's home studio, but also features one song from John Foley's Hummingbird Recordings and two from Jay Barrows' Crystal Myth Productions. "Every Night Every Hour Every Day" ponders the distance between society and our elected officials, set over a Bo Diddley styled rhythm section. "The Nearing" is a brassy, bluesy song about futures that arise from previous actions. "The First Time" looks at a possibly taboo relationship, or is …
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As Deep as Desire

by Greg Vadimsky

Released 2015
Tempest Entertainment
Released 2015
Tempest Entertainment
Psychedelic progressive plantation frustration English Irish soldier husband lover father romancer, with just a hint of lust.
This is the second chronological collection of Greg's studio and home demos, and features many of his post-Spectre compositions that were somewhat during the reign of his backing band, The Dark, and before he began Tango Palace. All songs were written by Greg alone, except for Lead Me There, which began with a guitar riff by his brother Gary, during the Spectre days, and then grew out of lyrics by Rick (Collins) Gangraw. Together, he …
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The King of Weather Hill

by Greg Vadimsky

Released 2012
Tempest Entertainment
Released 2012
Tempest Entertainment
An early collection by this artist of lonely, Wuthering Heights inspired progressive pop/rock songs in the style of Kate Bush, Peter Gabriel, or Sting.
This album features early recordings by Greg, after he left "Spectre" and before forming "Tango Palace". His influences for these songs include Kate Bush and Peter Gabriel (Edit Here and Once Upon A Time in December), psychedelic-era Beatles (I Remember England and The Other Side of Nowhere), romantic Parisian film music (Kangaroo), Sting's early solo albums (Through the Rain and Girl on a Train), middle-period XTC (Drinking in the Madness), David Bowie (Cold People), and 70…
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Holiday Season (Christmas Music Soundtrack)

by Greg Vadimsky

Released 2013
Tempest Entertainment
Released 2013
Tempest Entertainment
A fun, humorous collection of holiday, classical, and new instrumental tracks was created for the independent film "Holiday Season". It features Greg Vadimsky's wide-ranging and edgy arrangements and performances - for all ages!!!
This collection contains many creative variations on classic themes that we all know and love!! Greg has wound humor, passion, and reflectiveness into a seasonal hit that should be an annual favorite for many years. No boring re-treads of old arrangements here! (For example, listen to his Latin "salsa" version of Good King Wenceslas, changing the melody to a minor instead of major key - good for lots of laughs and not bad to dance …
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American South (Film Soundtrack)

by Greg Vadimsky

Released 2014
Tempest Entertainment
Released 2014
Tempest Entertainment
The psychological thriller soundtrack is one of the most daunting tasks of any composer, and Greg has exceeded his previous film scores with this one: intense yet melodic, beautiful yet haunting, and disturbed yet tranquil.
"American South" is Greg's ninth film soundtrack, following "Motive", "In No Sense Lost", "Mid-Life Crisis", "Secrets Of A Medicine Man", "Shen", "The Dead Walk", "Z", and "Holiday Season". This work combines Southern gothic melodies with a variety of musical styles, including blues, neo-classical, jazz, gospel, experimental, ambient, electronic, new age, pop, and Americana. You can almost feel the primordial ooze of forgotten bayous, replete with serenading choirs of insects, enveloping you as you listen. The …
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This Is Spectre

by Spectre

Released 1982
Tempest Entertainment
Released 1982
Tempest Entertainment
The first pop/rock band ever out of Melbourne, Florida!! Spectre was a teen phenom consisting of Greg "Roberts" Vadimsky, Glen "Elliott" Vadimsky, Garrett "Louis" Vadimsky, Kenneth "Lee" Booher, and Rick "Collins" Gangraw.
SPECTRE was formed in 1978 by Greg Vadimsky (keyboards) and his brothers Glen (drums) and Gary (guitar). They went through several member changes until evolving into their final lineup, which included Ken Booher on guitar and Rick Gangraw on bass. The entire band used stage names in order to not be perceived as a "Vadimsky Brothers and Two Others" act, along with lines of the Beach Boys or Osmonds....instead, determined to make it on their …
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