Below Me

by Greg & Brian

Released 2018
Grv Entertainment
Released 2018
Grv Entertainment
Sometimes life introduces you to people who just, well, make you realize that a smackdown may be all that will work. When you know you're taking the high road, and they're all below you, it's a beautiful, freeing thing.
  • 03:06 Lyrics Below Me

    I'd like to hear your point of view, but my head won't fit up there.
    Your family tree's a cactus full of pricks.
    Evolution can reverse, and I'm judging by your hair.
    You lost your human race, come take your licks.
    To all of you arrogant, self-righteous fakes
    Below me, below me, below me.
    You two-faced, back-stabbing, sack-grabbing flakes
    Below me, below me, below me.
    Looking down from way up high, I can hear your feeble verse.
    You'll never be the men your mothers were.
    You're not as bad as people say, in fact you're much much worse.
    The vision of your minds is all a blur. (CHORUS)
    Hup-two-three-four....yeah! (CHORUS)
    Since zombies eat brains all of you are quite safe
    Below me, below me, below me
    We all can't be Einstein, but you still have faith
    Below me, below me, below me
    The best part of you ran down your mamas' legs
    Below me, baloney, below me
    Below me, below me, below me
    Below me, below me, BeLOW ME.

When your "competition" brings a water pistol to a chainsaw fight, and wears their self-righteous arrogance as a lovely mask over both of their faces, sometimes all we can do is cry OR sing this long very loudly, and then go off dancing on our merry little ways.

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