Holiday Season (Christmas Music Soundtrack)

by Greg Vadimsky

Released 2013
Tempest Entertainment
Released 2013
Tempest Entertainment
A fun, humorous collection of holiday, classical, and new instrumental tracks was created for the independent film "Holiday Season". It features Greg Vadimsky's wide-ranging and edgy arrangements and performances - for all ages!!!
This collection contains many creative variations on classic themes that we all know and love!! Greg has wound humor, passion, and reflectiveness into a seasonal hit that should be an annual favorite for many years. No boring re-treads of old arrangements here! (For example, listen to his Latin "salsa" version of Good King Wenceslas, changing the melody to a minor instead of major key - good for lots of laughs and not bad to dance to.) This release is one of many soundtrack projects Greg has undertaken, and stands out because of its uplifting fun atmosphere and magical wintery tones.
A great choice of songs, plus three original tracks that fit right in with the festive goings-on.

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