The King of Weather Hill

by Greg Vadimsky

Released 2012
Tempest Entertainment
Released 2012
Tempest Entertainment
An early collection by this artist of lonely, Wuthering Heights inspired progressive pop/rock songs in the style of Kate Bush, Peter Gabriel, or Sting.
This album features early recordings by Greg, after he left "Spectre" and before forming "Tango Palace". His influences for these songs include Kate Bush and Peter Gabriel (Edit Here and Once Upon A Time in December), psychedelic-era Beatles (I Remember England and The Other Side of Nowhere), romantic Parisian film music (Kangaroo), Sting's early solo albums (Through the Rain and Girl on a Train), middle-period XTC (Drinking in the Madness), David Bowie (Cold People), and 70's Elton John (Parallel Lines).

It must be remembered that this is actually a collection of unreleased home demos and songs recorded at the long-gone Hummingbird Recordings, and is mostly intriguing because of the many formative lyrical and melodic ideas that Greg would later expand and expound upon.

The collection comes across as an introspective, slightly gloomy, but extremely creative set. Subject matter includes such diverse topics as watching your former lover after your own death, nostalgia for the past, impossible romantic idolatry, the loss of John Lennon (an extremely formative influence on Greg's career - he even shares the nasal voice quality), exploration of desires, the supernatural, life changes (good and bad), isolation through nonconformity, and dreams.

The actual recording dates of each of the tracks included is as follows:
Edit Here (2006, home demo); I Remember England (1986, Hummingbird); Through the Rain (1986, Hummingbird); Once Upon a Time in December (1986, Hummingbird); Kangaroo (1987, Hummingbird); The Other Side of Nowhere (1991, home demo); Girl On a Train (1990, Hummingbird); Drinking in the Madness (1991, home demo); Cold People (1991, home demo); and Parallel Lines (1991, home demo).

Greg played, sang, and engineered everything on the home demos. For the Hummingbird tracks, engineering was by the late John Foley, assisted by Scott Jecmen. Greg wrote and produced everything. Only one track features additional musicians: Girl On a Train, which has his then-background band called "The Dark": Kyle Tague (drums), Tom Willett (bass and backing vocals), and Flip Dahlenburg (guitar).

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