The Night Has Come

by Greg Vadimsky

Released 2017
Released 2017
THE NIGHT HAS COME sees Greg moving into a new explorative surround style of recording, and immerses the listener into the mix of instruments, vocals, and special effects. It is the first single to be released from the album "Summer Of Storms".
THE NIGHT HAS COME features Greg playing every instrument and performing every vocal. This very personal song deals with love and loss, understanding of one's own behavior in relationships, and reminiscence. A wistful look at times more innocent. The haunting vocals that interweave with the verse and chorus sound like a female spirit filtered through the gauze of time. What is she saying???..........THE NIGHT HAS COME (c)2000, 2017 Greg Vadimsky
The night has come, I'm all alone, so here I go again
No holding on to something gone, no waiting on a friend
Maybe I've been blind to what was good
Suddenly I'm in your neighborhood
Acting in our passion play, stayed in bed on Saturday
Thought I saw the things in you I'd need
Loved you just as much as I could bleed
Blinded by your smile then, walk a lonely mile again
The night has come, our time is done, you're on the run again
The chill is gone, and summer's on, I'm not a pawn for then
Maybe it's the next time I get home
Feathering the nest to where I've flown
You never knew the man I am, wounded in your battle plan
Watched you breathing softly in your sleep,
and wondered how much longer we would keep
Now I know I had been right
Dream of someone new tonight
The night has come, I'm not alone, so skip your stone again
No hanging on to someone wrong
No more what-could-have-been
No waiting on a friend
And here I go again
(Greg Vadimsky: piano, vocals, fretless bass, timpani, congas,
windchimes, drums, vocoder, thunder, acoustic/electric guitar,

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