Under the Mattress

by Greg Vadimsky

Released 05/18/2018
Grv Entertainment
Released 05/18/2018
Grv Entertainment
An atmospheric song based on stories shared from a friend, about her grandmother living through the days of "the old IRA" in the Irish Republic. Young men were regularly hidden creatively so that they wouldn't be conscripted into the military.
  • 02:54 Lyrics Under the Mattress

    They come a'knocking then pounding as we hesitate to answer. A sky of gray looks down.

    Entering every room. Why is it we feel like criminals in our own home?

    They look now, under the mattress, into the closet. We tell them there is no one.

    They were our blood a long, long time ago, but faces of strangers now.

    They leave while taking three of the young ones. Schoolmates, long gone.

    If that saves them I'll not say. Wish only Dad were here and the old I.R.A. (let go, let go...)

Greg moves into brand new musical territory: Irish instruments and multiple time signatures help weave a tale about freedom and families protecting themselves from political oppression.

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