A Day Without Rain

Greg Vadimsky
Greg Vadimsky



(c)2004, 2017 Greg Vadimsky


Drums, Synthesizers, Pianos, Synth Bass, 6- and 12-String Acoustic Guitars, Electric Piano, Cellos, Orchestral Strings, Timpani, Reversed Cymbals, Congas, Nightmare Screams, Vocals, Radio Vocal



See your shadow on my wall growing longer, standing tall

Hear me now in what I say

Tonight is drawing near, patience running thin and cold, in fear

There has got to be a way


It's a day without rain

Just one day without rain


Life is playing many games, every move spent changing lanes

teaches you and I the way

So keep your clouds from here, they will ruin you and run with tears

We need it clear to steer today


We could be so good together if it weren't for stormy weather

Can't we have just one bright sunny day?

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