A Matter of Time

Greg Vadimsky
Greg Vadimsky



(c)1994, 2017 Greg Vadimsky


Drums, Synthesizers, Pianos, Nylon-Stringed Bass, 12-String Acoustic Guitar, Marching Toms, KoffieKan Drum, Vocals, Electric Guitar, GuitarVoiceSynth, Thunder, Heartbeat, Breathing, Whispers, SelfsMeer Drums, Benny Scratching


It's all in the plan of attack, not giving one moment of slack

Your smile and the sound of your voice helped me make the choice

The General, he straightened his tie

His business was not wondering why he fits in the Scheme Of All Things;

And then he'd grown his wings


Doesn't matter what crime: borrow, beg, steal, or rhyme

Blind trust is declined, fine justice at nine

No more will you lie awake in the night

Re-living the day – re-fighting the fight

Your matter is mine, it's a matter of time


Found you when you were a child

Spent years changing sorrows to smiles

And just as you trusted them so, the winds began to blow

And now as you stare at this front, aware of the battle, the hunt

If all of your love was in vain, then pain's about to rain


(don't you know it's the only way)

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