Electric Friend

Greg Vadimsky
Greg Vadimsky



(c)2001, 2017 Greg Vadimsky


Drums, Organ, Bass Guitar, Pianos, Electric Piano, Synth Drums, Congas, Guiro, Whistle, Static, Breathing, Trombones, Acoustic Guitar, Vocal


She looks so eagerly to nights like this,

A little one-on-one of perfect bliss

Nobody needs to know the time she spends

at home enjoying her electric friend


She draws the curtains, and the lights go so low, for in the dark he'll glow

She kills the phone, pours a glass of cold Merlot, lets the good times flow

She'll switch the dial and assume the position, feels her tension go

Takes a trip on her own secret mission

When she needs him near, now, he won't say no


Doesn't know the way, the day they made him – it's not like it's a sin

He doesn't fight, or ever need to win, and he won't wear thin

Never needs a break, just keeps on giving, brings the passion in

Almost seems like he's practically living

They get reconnected, like a missing limb


Sometimes he really gets her up and screaming

She visits places that she'll never see

You know her secret now? Not what it's seeming.

She really loves it with her warm TV, her warm TV,

Her large TV, her wide TV

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