It Kills the Pain

Greg Vadimsky
Greg Vadimsky



(c)2006, 2017 Greg Vadimsky


Drums, Pianos, Acoustic Guitar, Organ, Bass Guitar, Audience Sounds, Tambourine, Electric Guitar, Vocals


Like every good beginning, there's a promise from afar

and I face a famous portrait as she hangs above the bar

Though it's early in the evening, soon the waitress is a star,

floating like a dancer as she serves us...potions from the jars


The body of this story wasn't built of finer things,

but promises not kept, and empty wishes without wings

Oh, the darkness that surrounds us might just brighten as it brings

something greater, wiser, truer, beautiful.. music.. how she sings!


Now I've brought myself the blame

Lived this life alone so long, and still survived the rain

When they bring me to the stage then, and I'm lit and in the frame

Oh, oh, it kills the pain


When you're getting near the ending and you feel about to cave

Looking at the others as they drink their Liquid Brave

Now you understand their story, from the cradle to the grave

and the one thing that's remained that never fails you,

Ooh, how it's saved


I meant this song to find the right lifeline

and reach out to the misfits, all you misfits so divine

We can bury so much, bury so much in our separate times

But when life hands you cherries, then make sweet wine

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