Lady of Grey

Greg Vadimsky
Greg Vadimsky



(c)1992, 2017 Greg Vadimsky


Drums, Harpsichord, Synthesizer, Bouzouki, French Horns, Electric Rhythm and Lead Guitars, Feedback, Bass Guitar, Execution, Lead and Backing Vocals, KoffieKan Drum


Lady of Grey, are you lost, are you lonely, Lady of Grey?

Remember the day that they broke in upon you, led you away...

for the love of an heir to the Throne, when the trouble became

just the pen for your history's page, Lady of Grey


Lady of Grey knew an innocent love that fell in the way

of a lusting, corrupting insanity, planning, fanning the flames

It was here she awaited the dawn of that terrible day

For the winds brought a violent change, Dear Lady Jane


Dreams and schemes, oh what will Paradise hold for us?

Will we be remembered in the final chorus?


Time stands still, with pockets full of silver change

And on the hill, tradition's severance pay exchange




Lady of Grey, are you lost are you lonely, Lady of Grey?

Losing your love for the last time, forever

Easier this way

Lady of Grey, Lady of Grey, Lady of Grey

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