Oh Cum on Ye, Grateful

Greg & Brian
Greg & Brian


Oh cum on ye, grateful, joyful and climactic. Oh cum on here, oh cum there, on Beth, Les, and Clem.

We have been swinging for 13 or 14 years (oh cum), lettuce needs dressing; two lips impressing.

Get us some napkins, it's time for school.

There's cum on the bar stool, running down the legs now. There's cum in your hair, dear, and it's not mine.

Cum on the stairwell. Careful, or you'll break your ass. (There's cum). Someone's cumming. 

(There's cum) and there's humming. Enough to use in our Slip 'n' Slide. (Wooh!)

I came in the fishbowl, you came on my snow cone. We came here, we came there, a thousand times.

Each new adventure: I came on Granny's dentures. (Such fun) in the sun with cum. (Such fun) chewing gum with cum.

Explodes in your mouth, hun, but shhhhhh..... we're in church!

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