Shady Lane

Greg Vadimsky
Greg Vadimsky



(c)2013, 2017 Greg Vadimsky


Drums, Piano, Accordion, Strings, Fretless Bass, 12-String Acoustic Guitar, Ghost Voices, Birds Through The Window, Summer Breeze, Lead Vocal


I believe in the trees outside my window

Here on Shady Lane they're all my friends

Said goodbye to someone very special

She was one of a kind I'll never find again

Don't need much in this life to make me happy

But finding those few rare things is hard

Each and every day I'm always searching

Aware of steps that I make, in or out the yard


Finding some safe place where we can hide

preferably together from the cold outside

Be it sand or be it rain, whatever makes us feel the same

Forgetting everything we've lost or we've tried


Swaying Spanish moss above the river

Old houses, characters, who have seen some things

Said their own good shares of goodbyes, like me

They must be kept alive for what they bring

Spirits savoring all our conversations

Sometimes they're hiding inside the fireplace

Like learned elders at my graduation,

knew that boy would soon take up the chase


Darkness falls, but it's just a friendly blanket,

helps me rest my eyes and slowly heal

Shady Lane says one more sweet goodnight

She makes me sad, but she always keep me real

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