Summer of Storms

Greg Vadimsky
Greg Vadimsky



(c)2014, 2017 Greg Vadimsky


Drums, Piano, Synthesizers, Fretless Bass, Strings, Walking Through A Swamp During A Rainstorm Hunted By Owl and Crow, Electric Guitars, Feedback, Triangle, Extra Drums, Whispers, Vocals


This year, this life, running on, they seem to be the same

So many tears for those I've loved

The work is harder in the pouring rain,

and hurt is hiding in the clouds above


There's no one better than the smile I remember

But now that look has changed its shape

I can't allow myself to spend too much time here

The honesty too much to take


Drops of repetition never cease to fall

They say in water we're reborn

Until we find this season drowning out us all.......

The Summer of storms, the Summer of storms


New horizon had a rainbow growing near

A long-lost love long-last returned

This phenomenon resides on fallen tears

Hydration that cannot erase the burns


I know, “Move on from your early days,

things get brighter every dawn”

It sounds so easy till you can't escape the maze

Wraps you tighter, till you're gone

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