When I Was Small

Greg Vadimsky
Greg Vadimsky



(c)1995, 2017 Greg Vadimsky


Clock, Electric Piano, Bell Organ, Chimes, Fretless Bass, Windstorm, Synthesizer, Vocal


Daydream, running from the soul's scream

When you were a girl you spent summers just hiding yourself

in your forest, a princess in a blue dress

believing that the day would be soon when your knight would come,

saving it all


When I was small, I knew I could be him

Each kingdom I conquered would blossom and grow,

watered from within

For all my wild imagining, there was no tale too tall
If only you'd answered my call when I was small

Beauty, sleeping somehow near me, wrapped in the purest

of white, and mystery, that you're giving to me

The sweetest of sugarplum kisses

So long they were missing...


Beauty, sleeping somehow near me

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