Summer of Storms

Greg Vadimsky

A life that began with a backwards birth is chronicled in a haunting and honest collection of songs combined with nature's soundscapes.

It's all in the plan of attack, not giving one moment of slack. See your shadow on my wall, growing longer, standing tall. I believe in the trees outside my window, here on Shady Lane they're all my friends. Lady of Grey, are you lost, are you lonely? I feel it calling me, the gull with no place to land, the soul of a mariner thrown one too many times on the sand. This year, this life, running on, they seem to be the same - so many tears for those I've loved. She looks so eagerly to nights like this, a little one on one of perfect bliss. Daydream, running from the soul's scream. I didn't mean it, it seemed a fatal error, but every day it, it gets a little rarer. Like every good beginning, there's a promise from afar, and I face a famous portrait as she hangs above the bar. The evil postman and his grin are coming up the garden path again.....
These are the opening lines of each of the songs from this, the artist's 6th solo album and 8th original music album overall.

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