Tango Palace: The Complete Remasters

Tango Palace

The romantic fun of a TANGO meets the dark confines of a PALACE in this Jekyll and Hyde debut album.

The core members of Melbourne, Florida's TANGO PALACE were GREG VADIMSKY on keyboards/vocals, BRIAN ARNOLD on drums/vocals, and GARRETT VADIMSKY on guitars/vocals. For their debut, self-titled 10-song album, they were joined by ROBERT FARRELL on bass, and their later years and follow-up 4-song EP featured BRIAN "LOW-B" MACKIE on bass/vocals. This remastered collection is organized to feature the newer 4 songs first, followed by the original 10 songs. The first four tracks were recorded at Orlando's Transcontinental Studios, while the latter 10 were done at Merritt Island's LNG Recording Productions. All songs were produced by the band, though engineering work included themselves as well as Niels Kastor (at Transcontinental) and Lonnie Griffis (at LNG). These recordings resulted in thousands of CD sales in the Central Florida area, and work for the band at esteemed venues such as Walt Disney World, along with a U.S. tour.

Track by track:
COLD WORLD is Greg's coming-to-terms lyric about the loss of his wife. RIGHT HERE, co-written by Garrett (or Gary as the others called him) and his wife Lori, describes renewed love and faith in their relationship. NEWS OF THE WEEK focuses on serious world changes that were in the news, including September 11, 2001 and the loss of George Harrison - its main vocal is performed by Brian, with all of the others contributing their voices in specific places. CHANGE is Gary's song about the paths his life was diverging on as the band matured, the sales grew, and he was preparing to start a family.

GUIDE YOU AWAY is a last-chance love letter from Greg that didn't succeed. IT'S TIME, co-written by Greg, Brian, and Garrett, focuses on a relationship that is nearing its unfortunate end. FOR YOU is an older song by Greg, with an eerie omnipresent lyric. SOMETHING IN YOUR SMILE sounds as if it belongs in a Broadway show, perhaps set in the Louisiana bayou country, but is an ode to infatuation. BARNACLE is the name given to an ardent admirer of Greg's, who didn't seem to understand that the feeling wasn't mutual. ANGELS, a regional hit, is a mythic piece about powerful energies that learn something from a "simple" pair of lovers. I WOULDN'T HAVE YOU pulls out all the dynamic darkness of Greg's tortures, and is a painful, acute pleading for peace. TAKE COVER! is actually the oldest song in the collection, beginning in the early 1980s and being written for Greg and Garrett's band "SPECTRE", but with different lyrics. In this newer incarnation and sung by Brian, it is the comic book detective story of a young couple on the run from trouble. STEPS TO NOWHERE, another huge regional favorite, combines three mini-tales of love - one a chance encounter, the second an unobtainable crush, and the third a love that didn't remain. THE CLOUDS WILL BREAK rounds out the set, as the lyric is self-encouraging, about staying the course and not losing belief, no matter what happens.

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