Colours of Mind

Greg Vadimsky

Greg's second collection of demo recordings, ranging from Bo Diddley rhythms to progressive rock to music hall.

This album was mostly recorded at Greg's home studio, but also features one song from John Foley's Hummingbird Recordings and two from Jay Barrows' Crystal Myth Productions. "Every Night Every Hour Every Day" ponders the distance between society and our elected officials, set over a Bo Diddley styled rhythm section. "The Nearing" is a brassy, bluesy song about futures that arise from previous actions. "The First Time" looks at a possibly taboo relationship, or is it simply the way that so many couples feel that it's "them against the world"? Considering one's own uniqueness as divine or maligned is at the heart of the rocking "A Different Drummer". A card game between the Devil, Jack the Ripper, Adolf Hitler, and one of the Husseins inspires "Good Intentions", as its players try to rationalize their behaviors. This moves smoothly into a cable car rumbling past a late night piano bar for "Just Like The Night", a sincerely beautiful true love song. "Harvest Moon" changes up everything, about an entity who has decided upon a plan of revenge. Old-fashioned music hall stylings decorate "This Secret Star", a playful romp about an Earthbound misfit and her dreams of returning "home". Wistful longings for a lost past are swept into a classic waltz entitled "Old Song". The looking back seems to continue, as "Schoolgirls" playfully recalls teenage fascinations during high school, but this turns into a different, and much sadder approach with the instrumental "Magic", which is bound to its melodic companion, "Yesterdays, Not Long Ago". The feeling of lost youth passes by, however, with the album ending in upbeat Beatle-inspired pop, as the song called "Valentine". Overall, this is a wide-ranging and extremely creative collection of work. Musicians on this album, aside from Greg playing nearly every type of instrument, included Flip Dahlenburg (guitars, mandolin, fiddle, vocals), Steve Hauss (bass), Kyle Tague (drums), David Mack (guitar), Tom Willett (bass), John Foley (kazoo, vocals), and Scott Jecmen (kazoo).

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