As Deep as Desire

Greg Vadimsky

Psychedelic progressive plantation frustration English Irish soldier husband lover father romancer, with just a hint of lust.

This is the second chronological collection of Greg's studio and home demos, and features many of his post-Spectre compositions that were somewhat during the reign of his backing band, The Dark, and before he began Tango Palace. All songs were written by Greg alone, except for Lead Me There, which began with a guitar riff by his brother Gary, during the Spectre days, and then grew out of lyrics by Rick (Collins) Gangraw. Together, he and Rick transmogrified the song with mostly Greg's chords and melody, into the only composition to bear the names of these three writers. The first two tracks were recorded at Hummingbird in Melbourne, while the rest were done at Greg's home studio. So Many People is from 1987, Lead Me There is from 1990, and the rest are all from 1991. The order of these songs is loosely based on a chronology of his life and the people in it, and that's all he's going to say on the subject.

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