This Is Spectre


The first pop/rock band ever out of Melbourne, Florida!! Spectre was a teen phenom consisting of Greg "Roberts" Vadimsky, Glen "Elliott" Vadimsky, Garrett "Louis" Vadimsky, Kenneth "Lee" Booher, and Rick "Collins" Gangraw.

SPECTRE was formed in 1978 by Greg Vadimsky (keyboards) and his brothers Glen (drums) and Gary (guitar). They went through several member changes until evolving into their final lineup, which included Ken Booher on guitar and Rick Gangraw on bass. The entire band used stage names in order to not be perceived as a "Vadimsky Brothers and Two Others" act, along with lines of the Beach Boys or Osmonds....instead, determined to make it on their musical merits alone. They were signed in 1982 to an I.S.C. Records contract and distribution in the USA, Canada, and Europe. They earned their record contract by submitting a 12-song all-original demo tape, and 7 of those twelve songs were chosen (and re-recorded), along with 3 new songs, for THIS IS SPECTRE. The album was recorded at Orlando's Bee Jay Recording Studios in the fall of 1982, produced by John Etchells (of Queen and Dire Straits fame) and engineered by Dana Cornock (whose credits include Molly Hatchet and the Backstreet Boys). Songwriting duties were shared between Greg and Ken. Greg contributed Turn Out The Lights, Let's Go, Nothin's On The Radio, Captain Mac, and I Believe In Us. Ken offered Won't You Be Mine Tonight(?), Crystal Eyes, Don't Stop Reachin', and It's Gonna Be Alright. The song called Here Comes the Rock was originated by Ken, but finished in collaboration with Greg. Two of the tracks were also made into live performance videos (Turn Out the Lights and Here Comes The Rock, which can be seen on YouTube by searching for SPECTRE TURN OUT THE LIGHTS 1983 and SPECTRE HERE COMES THE ROCK 1983. The entire band sang, and the songs on this album feature inventive harmony work between the band members. Greg sings lead vocal on all of the songs he wrote, and also on Ken's IT'S GONNA BE ALRIGHT because Ken liked Greg's edgier vocal sound on the track. Ken sings lead on all the remaining songs. On future recordings, the band would diversify and offer all members contributing songwriting as well as lead vocals. THIS IS SPECTRE was re-mixed in London at J.A.M. Recording Ltd., and John Etchells added saxophone contributions by Mel Collins (Tears For Fears, Alan Parsons Project) to the songs NOTHIN's ON THE RADIO and CAPTAIN MAC. On the song entitled DON'T STOP REACHIN', the middle percussion break features every imaginable type of percussion instrument, all played by the band members as well as the production team - one of the fun highlights of the record. Up till today, GREG still plays NOTHIN's ON THE RADIO and CAPTAIN MAC from this album, with the former being a regular song in his solo set lists, and the latter being reserved for shows that family members attend, since CAPTAIN MAC was the favorite song of his parents.

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