Once Upon a Time in December (Live)

Greg Vadimsky

Inspired by the loss of John Lennon in December of 1980, this song was one of the first recorded in the studio by Greg after beginning his solo career. It is a huge fan favorite, and usually played near the end of his concert performances.

Once Upon a Time in December was originally recorded in 1986 at Hummingbird Recordings in Melbourne, Florida - Greg's hometown and the place of birth of Jim Morrison of The Doors. Another cryptic connection: Morrison's birthday and the date of John Lennon's death are both December 8. This song is a fond salute to the history of The Beatles, the sweet innocence of a much purer time, and a requiem for the loss of John at a tragically young age. As Greg experienced it, "The radio broadcast is received, and now the Very Last Christmas Eve"........

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