<p>ONCE UPON A TIME IN DECEMBER by Greg Vadimsky (c)1986, 2018</p>
<p>Four little boys or maybe four horsemen, nearing a journey never imagined. One as the poet and one as the prince. One as the foil and one as the fence. Four little boys.... Armed with hope-arrows, stone faces to crack. Warm as an oven but sharp as a tack. Carrying something all else seemed to lack, never before and now since taken back.</p>
<p>CHORUS: The radio broadcast is received: "And now, the very last Christmas Eve." For three wise men tell all that they remember, once upon a time in December...</p>
<p>Enemies many, friends far and few. Unseen lands would teach so much more than they knew. A love in the dark brought new joys, new schemes. Who once so resisted now joined in their dreams. The siege was hand, the biggest they'd staged, and conquer they did, children and aged. Four fools who seemed to know just what to say. Rewriting the rules to each game they would play. (CHORUS)</p>
<p>Four paths were taken and all promised well. One found his heaven and one found his hell. Though changes would consume of mind, heart, and youth. There still would be one who would follow the truth. But truth is now ended, the sound of gun. There may be a light in the room of a son. And hear no reprising, of words, there are none. The song and the singer, the poem is done... (CHORUS)</p>