<p>Oh cum on ye, grateful, joyful and climactic. Oh cum on here, oh cum there, on Beth, Les, and Clem.</p>
<p>We have been swinging for 13 or 14 years (oh cum), lettuce needs dressing; two lips impressing.</p>
<p>Get us some napkins, it's time for school.</p>
<p>There's cum on the bar stool, running down the legs now. There's cum in your hair, dear, and it's not mine.</p>
<p>Cum on the stairwell. Careful, or you'll break your ass. (There's cum). Someone's cumming.&nbsp;</p>
<p>(There's cum) and there's humming. Enough to use in our Slip 'n' Slide. (Wooh!)</p>
<p>I came in the fishbowl, you came on my snow cone. We came here, we came there, a thousand times.</p>
<p>Each new adventure: I came on Granny's dentures. (Such fun) in the sun with cum. (Such fun) chewing gum with cum.</p>
<p>Explodes in your mouth, hun, but shhhhhh..... we're in church!</p>