Greg & Brian's Demented Christmas

Greg & Brian

Central Florida's favorite duo whips up a heapin' helpin' of home-cooked hysteria for the holidays! Subject matter includes: creepy street people, bisexual reindeer, swingers, crass commercialism, thinly veiled innuendo, medicinal products, and balls.

Orange Blossom Trail in Orlando will never be the same. With this album, it has been visited upon by bisexual (and inter-species-curious) reindeer, swingers with a fetish for fluids, crass commercialism for fun and profit, pounding rhythms of chimney sweeping festive trunks, clouds of glowing inspiration, ladder-climbing elves with a penchant for debauchery, litterboxes, fruitcakes, STDs, provocatively outrageous claims, self-abuse, and warm furry lovin' critters.

Greg & Brian and their management apologize in advance for any harm possibly to result.

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