<p>This is the worst Christmas carol you'll ever hear this year. It really doesn't rhyme so well, but mentions kegs of beer.</p>
<p>It mostly was inspired by way too much good cheer. We'll probably all be comatose when Santa Claus gets here.</p>
<p>Everybody at the office is watching every dime, and cursing out the Congress, who keeps what's yours and mine.</p>
<p>In fact, that's why this carol was written just in time, to cash in on the holidays, and buy me better wine.</p>
<p>I'm all for peace and happiness as long as we all win. I'd like to take the terrorists and drown them in cheap gin.&nbsp;</p>
<p>And anyone who tells me that everything's a sin can kiss me under mistletoe where the sun has never been.</p>
<p>Now, Santa is an elf, you know, and Rudolf's nose sure glows. Frosty keeps our drinks cold while we remove our clothes.</p>
<p>We'll make some Christmas magic once we've finished with the bows. I hope that I can keep this clean and not discuss who blows.</p>
<p>So when it's Christmas morning, and no one has awoke, because of all the rum balls in which we've all been soaked.</p>
<p>Our New Year's resolution: to try and not go broke, so we can celebrate next year and buy a little toke!!</p>
<p>This is the worst Christmas carol..... (yeah!!!!!!!)</p>